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Northridge, California 91330

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Meet the CSUN Start-Up Founders Team

Christopher Rico


Christopher Rico is the main point of contact between the advisory board and the organization. With help of the executive board, Christopher has worked to help develop the organization  from its inception and will continue to strive to make the CSUN Startup Founders Club a leading club at California State University Northridge


For Additional Information or Questions

Email:  christopher.rico.76@my.csun.edu

Berenice Jimenez

Vice President

Berenice is in charge of managing, operating, and implementing new ideas to CSF and keeps up-to-date with board members. She also assists the President with any tasks or objectives. 


Email:  berenice.jimenez.265@my.csun.edu

Baptiste Dargaud


Baptiste takes care of the financial health of the club. He is preparing budgets and makes sure we have adequate funding for our events. As a board member, he also helps in decisions making and other organizational tasks.


Email: baptiste.dargaud.433@my.csun.edu










Nardeen Nadhim

Head of Marketing Promotions 

Nardeen Nadhim is very passionate about business Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is involved in other clubs and programs such as: GE Honors Program, Business Honors Program/Club, American Marketing Association, Muslim Student Association, and now CSUN Startup Founders. She is currently in charge of developing marketing strategies and ways to promote our club through campus outreach, in-class announcements, and doing flyers. Nardeen will be completing her Bachelors in Business Marketing and Business Honors by Spring 2022 and continue her education in Business Marketing. 


Email: Nardeen.nadhim.286@my.csun.edu to get in touch.